Marta García

Name Surname: Marta García

Country: Spain

City: Zaragoza

Nationality: Spanish

Background: Higher Degree and Master in Marketing and Corporate Communication

Sector: Services a

Position:Manager, designer and creative

I was born on December 26th 1977, I was always a restless girl and passionate by the performing arts and music world. Only daughter but with parents who knew how to educate me and teach me to stand up for myself; education that is not learned in any school and of which I am and will be eternally grateful.

My aspiration was to be a great journalist... but family issues (I'm an only child and I could not go to study outside of Zaragoza), and other coincidences of life (my father is a professor) I ended up doing a Computer Specialist module in VET. There, I met who today is my best friend and partner, as well as my husband. Later I decided to continue training and study a Higher Degree of Computer Applications, in addition to being in the 6th grade of the piano career and being a mountaineer (a hobby that comes from my father), although at that time I lost strength... At the same time, I started in the working world doing cashier work on weekends in a supermarket. I think I started to be aware then that I was happy dealing with people. It is a time of my life that, to this day, I remember with great affection. I'm excited to see how there are ex-work colleagues who continue to work in that supermarket, and remember me.

The years were passing, I finished my studies and I started to work... administrative tasks in a Bank company, in an office of engineers and architects, an agency... These jobs made me learn and above all, grow as a person. It was at this time when I decided to become a freelance. I needed to prove myself and show that I could do it, that I fended by myself. For that reason I alternated, my job during the day with a job as a singer on weekends. It was a tough stage, very hard, of which I have small bad memories but, at the same time, it is full of wonderful people who helped me and with whom I shared great moments on stage.

In 2002, after many visits to the doctor, surgeries, corset... and to label my lack of strength as vagrancy, my family and I discovered that I had a rare disease and they diagnosed Central Core Myopathy with symptoms such as, muscle weakness, unable to easily climb stairs, multiple falls, a 66% disability and a scale of 8 with reduced mobility. According to the latest genetic analyzes, it turns out that my gene variation is new... and, as Dr. Oliveros and Dr. Larrode say, I am a 'mutant' since I am the first person to have this variation and perhaps I get that they put my name to my disease.

Circumstances of life led me to stay out of work in a radical way. I decided that I did not want to lose everything I had achieved, so I did not sign up for unemployment and I started looking for a new work immediately. After a month I got the job that made me grow and learn. I will be eternally proud and grateful, especially because they gave me a great work opportunity and because they saw in me qualities that even I did not know they existed. Javier Guiu, my mentor in this job, taught me to work as a team, to be responsible and to grow as a person. In 2012 I wanted to start alone and put into practice in my own company everything he had taught me... I hope I did not disappoint him.

To be able to get where I am today, first of all I had to overcome the insecurity for not having a fixed salary. At the beginning our company was a type of seasonal company and we had high seasons and others very low.

At an economic level we had at the beginning the support of the family but, it is true that being freelance workers you have not many banking facilities.

We are specialists in design, so the issue of company management has been difficult for us and we spent some time to find an accounting manager who will really help us and solve our doubts.

I think that my extroverted nature has helped me a lot in my life and that, so people say, I transmit tranquility and that quality helps people to work with us. Also, all the professional relationships that I did in my previous jobs have opened many doors when I started my own company.

My character and my desire to work as a team have allowed the creation of a strong and professional network of collaborators with whom we also have fun working and I believe that in the end, that is the best thing of all.

I have to thank, and very much, the support given by Laura Ramos, Coach and now friend, who helped me overcome the bad and hard times that appear along the business path. With her I learned to meditate, to see the glass full and above all, to know how to make my business bigger and bigger.

If I have to define my competences… I am a person with easy to learn and apply new knowledge to my work. I adapt quickly to changes, I coordinate and motivate the people who work with me as well as, pay attention to problems that may arise. I need to have goals at work, I like to work as a team and when it is necessary I am able to make decisions quickly.

Among the qualities I have, I consider myself a talkative, persistent, optimistic and innovative person. I trust people. I am ambitious to set goals. I have future vision and I am an organized person, besides of course, of being very creative!

Despite being an only child, I do not like people makes things for me and my impulse has always been to overcome myself.

The 'culprits' of the beginning of this adventure were some friends who have a catering company in Valencia. When we had holidays, we went there to meet them and, as they were always working, we were motivated for the world around the event. I loved seeing people happy.

The advice I would give to other women with disabilities who want to start a business is that, nothing is impossible. Everything is possible having a good base of studies and a lot of willpower. Above all, they should like and be passionate about what they are going to undertake, whether is a business or a new professional path. I really do not see differences with other women who do not have disabilities, you just have to take advantage of the capabilities that you have.

Regarding inclusive entrepreneurship, I believe that it is still needed to develop a base of subsidies and specific aids depending on the type of activity and the type of disability.