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Welcome to the 100 Mirrors Inc. e-Learning Platform

As a woman who has recognised an opportunity and who is acting on it to start a new enterprise, you have become a member of one of the most important groups of people in Europe—you have become one of Europe’s women entrepreneurs.

Enterprising people like you are essential to European growth and job creation and to maintaining and improving the prosperity of Europe’s citizens. Women with disabilities should not be held back and should have equal opportunity to become entrepreneurs if they so wish.

This training is a fresh, new, energetic programme with an innovative curriculum format that will introduce you to the skill sets required to become an entrepreneur. It aims to contribute to your self-development and attributes and related personal competencies.

In the e-learning platform you will find among other materials:

  1. A Guide about how to coach disabled women for developing inclusive entrepreneurship.
  2. An Inclusive entrepreneurship Manual to help the reader to assess and rise her entrepreneurship

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We hope you enjoy the programme and we wish you every success on your entrepreneurial journey.