About the project

The current 100Mirrors Inclusive originated through another European Project, the “100Mirrors Extended” (based too on the project “100Mirrors Project”) which was carried out with the participation of partners from eight European countries (United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Greece and Spain). The principal objective of the former project was to highlight and show models/examples of enterprising women (Mirrors) in any scope, focusing on teachers in higher education and career counsellors, with the aim to present the project content as educational resources.

According to the priority aims of the Erasmus+ Programme, the 100Mirrors Inclusive Project will select disabled women entrepreneurs from 5 European countries (Spain, Poland, Greece, Latvia and Malta) bringing a total of 100 disabled women entrepreneurs (mirrors) who serve as models for others wishing to start their own business or strengthening their creative and entrepreneurial skills.

The project outcomes are based on main deliverables, which are the following:

  1. A needs analysis and State of the Art report through a study with desk research, questionnaires and interviews to collect detailed information on inclusive entrepreneurship and the situation of disabled women in their respective countries and on a European level
  2. A collection of European disabled woman entrepreneurs from each country on the internet: with women portraits translated into different languages including video interviews subtitled in English.
  3. A Guide on how to coach disabled women to raise their entrepreneurship.
  4. An e-version of the Guide
  5. A Manual to help the reader assess and raise her entrepreneurship
  6. An e-version of the Manual

In this way, the project can be interesting for:

  • Disabled women willing to develop their entrepreneurship skill, for starting a business or a consulting activity, and/or cooperating for managerial positions in already established businesses or consulting companies
  • Disabled entrepreneurs willing to help other disabled women to develop their entrepreneurial skills, and eventually looking for disabled women to join their staff in managerial positions after a period of coaching and job shadowing
  • Organisations training DW and their trainers (in a broader sense: also career counsellors, coaches, educators)
  • Others: associations of disabled women, organisation training trainers, entrepreneurs´ associations, decision makers

Sustainability Plan