The Partners

FEDEMP is a non-profit Federation based in Madrid, Spain. It is a multisectoral organisation that brings together more than 100 companies from the most representative sectors: cleaning, real estate, construction, information technology, training… It has more than 10 years of experience developing training and support activities to entrepreneurs at the national level, focusing on low and no qualified young people as well as women.

The main purpose of FEDEMP is the one to contribute to the improvement of the labour market both from the point of view of supply and demand, enhancing the qualification of entrepreneurs and workers through modern training, competitive and adapted to the needs of the labour market. It pretends that the beneficiary main of the attainments of FEDEMP will be the group of the society, by the profits that reach with the associations.

The existence of FEDEMP has like main be a useful tool to the projects of its partners, and serve as the meeting point of the business sector and of the entrepreneurs in general.

FEDEMP will carry out the project management, ensuring the effective and smooth cooperation among partners and the attainment of the planned goals. As well as the quality assurance, including monitoring and valorization activities.

Foundation “Viva Femina” is a women foundation located in Podkarpackie region in Poland. Our main aim is to act for the benefit of women, disabled, migrants and young people. We are implementing good practices in gender issues and promote equal opportunities for women and men in all areas of life as well as implementing good practices in education and entrepreneurship development. Activities of the Foundation concentrate on providing training and guidance services to disadvantaged groups in Podkarpackie region, the organisation of seminars and conferences. Our activities are addressed to NEETs, people with mental and physical disabilities, long time unemployed women, unemployed young people, ex-prisoners and people from rural areas. The Foundation transfers good practices and labour market instruments from EU to Poland and collaborates with public institutions in Poland, women organisation, vocational activity workshops for disabled, NGOs.

INDICO (Instituto Internacional Innovacion, Conocimiento y Competencias) is an international agency for knowledge and innovation in vocational training for persons and organisations. It is a non-profit organisation for project management, transfer of the project results, and implementation in projects for innovation in knowledge development using new technologies applications. INDICO is acknowledged by public institutions like the regional government and office of employment as a training provider. The organisation’s aims are managing and promoting innovative and creative projects in different sectors, improving personal skills and competences and promoting the real and the virtual mobility, organising international meetings. Also, INDICO offers a variety of courses (on-line and blending) in different professional areas as University courses for entities and enterprises and Excellency cycles. The virtual classroom displays an innovative method of learning where most of the courses are guided by a tutor. INDICO has currently participated in European education projects since the year 2009. Most of the transnational experience is focussed on didactic innovation in materials and methodologies as well as in the leading edge of technical innovation.

INDICO was the coordinator of 100 Mirrors and 100 Mirrors Extended.

Social Cooperative Activities for Vulnerable Groups – KSDEO “EDRA” is a Non-profit Organisation of 150 employees established in Attica / Athens, since 2001. “EDRA” has developed a variety of community programs and structures aiming at supporting the quality of life and the rehabilitation / integration process of disadvantaged individuals being at risk of social exclusion, as well as programs for the prevention and the sensitization of the community around mental health problems and the promotion of mental health in general.

EDRA” is registered at the National Registry of the Non for Profit Private Bodies that provide Social Services and in the Special Registry of the Volunteer Non for Profit Organisations.

K.S.D.E.O “EDRA” considers Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship as a vehicle for the society to overcome economic and social difficulties. Social Economy includes both the provision of goods and services, including of course employment opportunities. In this field (employment opportunities) “EDRA” is investing the most. Specifically, “EDRA“‘s lifelong learning centre (KEDIVIM) provides training and support to people at their first business steps. A group of experienced professionals as teachers, trainers, mentors, coaches etc. , provide training, in unemployed people, women, and other vulnerable groups to enter the labour market.

EDRA participated in two ERASMUS and ERASMUS+ project for women entrepreneurship the “100 MIRRORS” (2011-13) and the “100 MIRRORS EXTENDED” (2014-16).

Association “Biedrība Eurofortis” is a multicultural non-governmental organisation that aims to support the development of different competencies, as well as personal and professional skills.

Biedrība Eurofortis has broad experience in realisation of EU supported projects through previous Lifelong Learning and current Erasmus+ Programme, as well as Nordplus programme. We have realised projects mostly aimed at the development of entrepreneurial skills, improvement of quality assurance processes and validation of skills, languages that are targeted at various groups of people in educational and business sector, also youth, as well as projects aimed at empowerment, inclusion and involvement of youth. We are competent in the field of EU projects both from the preparation and implementation point of view and have established a broad network of international and national partners to be involved as stakeholders, interested parties, partners, target group etc.

On the international level, we are members of EURORESO – International Association with a scientific and educational purpose and EUROBEN – non-for-profit association with a wide experience network in the field of Business Excellence and organisational improvement.

AcrossLimits is a dynamic Maltese commercial entity with its roots firmly derived from the new technology and media sector. In fact, its core business is still centred around the areas of e-Business, Internet and Knowledge Management solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises. However, in the last years, AcrossLimits has diversified and now is made up of 3 main divisions, namely Technology, European projects and Education.

AcrossLimits was established in June 2001 as a limited liability company, though its members already worked together prior to that date under a partnership agreement and in fact, have been developing IT-related systems since 1996. With representation offices in Italy, Spain and Greece, AcrossLimits is able to provide various services relating to Information Technology, especially focusing on its three core areas of eLearning, eHealth and Digital Culture.

During its 15 years lifetime, AcrossLimits has put together various projects that included eLearning platforms, quizzes, online games and simulations for the teaching of languages, sciences and cultural traditions from a mix of open source and commercial software. AcrossLimits will coordinate and host the mobility of the trainers and disabled women entrepreneurs which will take place in April 2017 and are also in charge of dissemination and exploitation within the project.