Marta Valencia

Name Surname: Marta Valencia

Country: España

City: Zaragoza

Nationality: Española

Background: University

Sector: third sector

Position: Manager

Company name + url :

I´m Marta Valencia and I have a spinal injury since I´m 12 years old. From then, I go by wheelchair. I was a law-studient and I tried to get a job but it was very complicated because of the needed and necessary adaptations in all companies, so I came in DFA searching job and they started to count on me and from there, I started to work as administrative assistant; step by step I learnt and started working as attorney (what I thought I couldn´t), but yes, It was possible making suffer in the judges in order they adapt. Step by step they webt working for all the requirement and making policy and administration suffer in order to adapt everything. Now, I´m the president from febrery. It is a big and important challenge

On one side because I meet DEFA and It´s my home and they are my family 16 years ago, and on the other side, because I know that although there are many advances about phisical dissability, still much work remains, for example dissabled women who aren´t working at executive level and those who don´t participate in their own needs and decision and they don´t decide what they want to do by themselves.

We started the movement much later because the feminist movement did not place us, they told us about disability, instead we were told about disability, you are a woman because you are a woman. We were not recognized and that it is essential to work. Today we need many positive laws, many positive action measures so that we can be on equal terms and exercise our equal rights because we have been there a bit in a vacuum that we were not recognized on one side or on the other all our rights and all that remains to be worked on, but that is in it and we have to continue, there is still a need until we can exercise our rights in equality

Today we need many positive laws, many measures of positive action so that we can be on equal terms and exercise our equal rights. We have been in a hole that we were not recognized, neither on one side nor on the other, all our rights and we still have to work on that, but we are working for it and we must continue, there is still a need until we can exercise our rights in equality

I have the ability to empathize with the rest of the people and to be very tenacious and very persevering in working. They are above all to work hard and to be very perseverin; you had to.

I talk to those women who, or they don´t find the necessary or equal support in their family environment and from in our case the entities to : we are the support and the strength you need. Come with us to ask to us; we will still have to fight, but we have to fight to develop our life in freedom and decide for us together.