Athanasia Androulidaki

Name Surname: Athanasia Androulidaki

Country: Greece

City: Patras

Nationality: Greek

Background: University Degree

Sector: Education

Position: Owner of the Kindergarden 'the Little Boat' The little boat of Patras

I started my career as a teacher in kindergarten many years ago, when I finished my diploma. I like children and I wish to create my own project. I worked in public nursery schools as a teacher in Patras and Athens, but I resigned from my job, to create something different, in my own place with my own principles.

So, I started the 'little boat', the name of my kindergarten, because, I believe each person follow his own travel from the moment he was born. The children start their life trip in their little boat and I would like to be into the boat to help them in the life’s trip and I hope I will make it. I’ve done with some of them and, I hope, they be happy for this.

The cancer gave me an opportunity, I passed the committee for disable people with over 80% disability, so I can go to the university and become a student of theatrology and I am a very good student now. I will say something to other women: when I did my first lesson in the University, it was a magic day, I looked at the sky from the window and I said 'thank you to cancer for what you gave me!'

My job on the 'Little Boat' was and is very difficult, but the success to date is due to too much work, honest work towards children and parents. I never have been cheated anyone. I tired and tired too much to get them out, but always on the basis of a very good pedagogical work. I'm looking for new things, I read, I advise people in the field. The space of the university helped me very much because I got into new things and new things, new ideas are fresh and I still do it, I believe in the correct communication of parents and my own contact, when I come to the school always think in people's communication and interpersonal relationships, and have very good relationships with my top staff, be honest, make frequent meetings

I am stubbornly, not putting it down easily. I say 'it does not matter, this will lead me somewhere' for the obstacles I find every day. I have to solve it and I always do something that a teacher has told me, 'sometime when you have lost it , you sit and a skin is wrapped in your legs, so you should hit it, push it'. I do not know where it will arrive, I may want to get it to the opposite door, but the skein will go to the window, as long as the skein gets out of me and get up to get it, it will take me somewhere else.