Ioanna Mpoleti

Name Surname: Ioanna Mpoleti

Country: Greece

City: Athens

Nationality: Greek

Background: University Degree

Sector: Service

Position: Financial Manager


I was born in Athens, I studied Business Administration at the Athens Technological Educational Institute, I graduated with a degree of 6.77 / 10 Very Good .

My Thesis theme was ‘Applying the principles of total quality to the provision of services of the wider public sector’. The degree of my thesis work was10/10 ‘Excellent’ Since 2016 I have been studying at the Pedagogical Department of Primary Education of the University of Athens

My professional career is already 12 years old, mainly devoted to the best financial management of a liability company, of which I have been an active member since April 2006.

My initial studies were in the field of Business Administration at the Athens Technological Educational Institute. Admittedly, attending such a faculty dealing with such a broad subject has been a very interesting stage in my life. Part of my studies was the six-month internship I chose to do with the National Bank of Greece. From the management of the bank I was placed in the Moschato branch, where I met wonderful people and who immediately embraced my need to learn new things, to be useful and to become a professional.

Then, after finishing my practice, I started to work in the business that I have been serving until now, while I was preparing my graduate work to get my degree.

This company deals with geological and geotechnical studies and surveys of public and private projects. The position I maintain in the company could be considered as a key position, as I am in charge of a variety of responsibilities . In addition to the accounting of the company's income and expenses, it is within my duties to communicate and contact our clients for the collection of our requirements, as well as the off-line pay agreement with the partners who provide us with their services for the implementation of studies. It is just this possibility of my phone and / or direct communication with a variety of people either from the public or from the private body giving a new breath to my professional status as I have the opportunity to interact with new people everyday and to learn to manage any unexpected developments . Human communication has always lured me as an area where I think that human is a well of knowledge, and on the other I think that in order to be effective, you must first know yourself. On the other hand, both the financial and treasury management of the company's resources and the complexity of the financial / pricing situations that I have to resolve, arouse me a more dynamic self, always exercising my persistence and my patience, my readiness and my adaptability .

I remain active in the company , but as a person with thirst for continuous training and new knowledge, I still look for opportunities such as to 'quench' my need. When everyday conditions allow it, I try to attend seminars and workshops with a variety of themes, always aiming at enriching my professional knowledge and my mental world. My interests, however, escape the sphere of economy and management. My occupation with pedagogical sciences has always been a hidden dream of mine , which I decided to make it real one year ago. Today, apart from a working woman, I am also a student at the Athens Primary Education School, which makes me very happy, although in practice the parallel support of both is not a simple matter. In the year 2017, I already have a year of successful study, but the biggest challenge for me is my graduation from the University and why not my continued studies at the postgraduate level. Completing my studies will offer me the qualifications of a professional educator, those of a conscientious teacher, but I wish in the future to have the right to acquire the characteristics of a natural educator, those of a loving parent

Moreover, in order for someone to be able to set up his/her own business, he/she need to be endowed with some basic characteristics to be able to overcome them. I could not begin this without the basic of all virtues and that is responsibility. Being the head of yourself and possibly of other people, you have to be accountable that you will be there, always ready to react and suffer the consequences, no matter what these are. Necessary component is also the ability, the ability to make key decisions. An insight into a future entrepreneur is also insight. The combination of the two, open vision and the right choices, I think, is the key to success. We could not talk about entrepreneurship without the core: innovative ideas and perseverance for their implementation and success. Every interested person must have the strength and faith to cope with this competitive business world. Last but not least is the element of interaction and cooperation. People interested in entrepreneurship need to be open-minded, able to work in groups and know how to capitalize on the virtues of other people around them

I honestly do not know if I have done well to this day but I know I did my best I could do. i haven't let a single day pass without effort . Effort for the general good of a business where I am just a worker there. As a human being , I have a high feeling of responsibility and commitment .When I'm there, they know that I'm there and they feel quiet, safe, and that's what makes me happy, it makes me feel full and complete. I'm putting a semicircle here, and I want to get the other women who will read this text and all those that want to sit down on their couch and think of all their advantages, all their weapons, all their supplies and everything they have to offer, and keep a large part in their hearthouse for their own health, for themselves, for their family. And to treat the rest as a valuable treasure and to use it wisely. We gain a lot of success from a successful career. Many feelings of proficiency and completeness, feelings of moral satisfaction, but which, but if we are not o.k , we can not use all these as appropriate. So to be well, we need to hear what our hearts call, our instincts, to dare to make the step we are fearing , to have confidence in our forces, to believe in ourselves and move on. We want our goals to be high, but within our real conditions and capabilities. We want realistic goals, but that only make us look forward to being able to realize the dream that we hold in our minds. By setting our goals and pulling the way of the dream, we see from a distance the route we have traveled to this day. We look back and we see more clearly everything we've lived and everything we've done. The road to the dream has definitely both uphill and downhill. And disappointments and satisfaction as well. We celebrate our successes and learn through the failed efforts. At the end of the day, all these efforts, regardless of the outcome, make us what we are today. We must also not forget that successes are born through failures and that our persistence makes them even more valuable