Kathryn Fenech Soler

Name Surname: Kathryn Fenech Soler

Country: Malta

City: Birkirkara

Nationality: Maltese

Sector: Beauty

Position: Owner / Beauty Therapist / Physiatrist

I was born in a family of nurses, teachers and hairdressers. I can say, I attempted all careers at different points in my life, first with nursing, then hairdressing which also included basic beauty therapy. However, when my daughters started school, I decided to upgrade my studies first in beauty therapy up to teaching level and started doing some beauty therapy in my home clinic. This was perfect at the time when I could be home with growing up children as well as earning an income and improving my studies with the intention of going out to teach English as my daughters grew older.I immediately enjoyed going out and meeting students from all over the world, learning about their way of living and cultures. Fortunately, I did not give up my little beauty business from my home clinic completely as it felt so natural to be of service to people who wanted individual attention in the privacy of home. Students from school also asked for beauty treatments when they also got to know about my other holistic profession. This was a busy time in my carreer as I managed to juggle between two part time jobs as well as looking after my family.

Some of my clients, as well as many of my friends had been telling me to venture out as a proper beauty business since y now my clients had considreably increased. It was my youngest aughter (whom at the time was doing sports massage) suggested that since I felt so much better after she given me a therapuatic massage especially after my surgical interventions, I should be giving it more thought. The idea of helping people to feel better and relaed, intrigued me so much that I discussed it further with all the family and I could sleep no longer until I found myself the tiny place I work in now.

I have been teaching English to foreign students and teacher training for almost 15 years. My voice condition was really deteriorating and after four surgical interventions I decided to give up my teaching job and go back to my original beauty profession as a self-employed worker.

As with all kinds of businesses, competition is a killer especially in the beauty field where you can find a beauty salon /nail bar at every corner. The costs of running a business , having to be equipped with the latest technological machinery and tools and the on-going task of keeping up to date with new techniques, equipment and the latest products on the market is also very challenging. My personal voice condition is also a threat at times especially when I have to explain a plan of treatments or individual home procedure. However, when I explain about my voice problem, clients tend to be more sympathetic and make me feel at ease by being more attentive to whatever I will be trying to make them understand.