Rocío Pereiro

Name Surname: Rocío Pereiro

Country: Spain

City: Mos

Nationality: Spanish

Sector: eCommerce

Position: Seller

I have done a lot of things: I had clothing stores, a second-hand car magazine, I worked for companies and now I am self-employed and I work in the textile sector.

My business is a clothing and costume shop selling online and I personally take clothes to the homes of my clients, is a type of personal shopper. They ask me for what they want online and I take it directly; so they can try the clothes, I advise them ... I have many clients who ask me directly when I go shopping to find them this or that garment. This way I do not send, it's all in person. At the same time I also attend several markets and do exhibitions in different places such as hairdressers, coffee shops, etc.

As a result of which I became ill and since I was always relapsing, I had to look for something that would adapt to me, not me to work; Then, in this way, I could organize myself if one day I was ill, if I had to be in bed or I could not get up, as I did everything with appointments I could organize myself.

I am very positive and I am always looking for new things and I have a lot of determination.

You have to have a lot of strength because you do not put anything easy and it is difficult to start. In addition the growth is slow, there are good months and bad months ... And facilities are not many, since mostly it is all pay but with effort is made.

To have desire, to have patience, to have ideas, not to stop turning over the head looking for new things, to give services that do not abound.

Let them carry out their idea, but with patience, let them do it little by little. Working things out, slowly but doing it.