Laura Guirao

Name Surname: Laura Guirao

Country: Spain

City: Granada

Nationally: Spanish


Sector: Service

Position: Co-founder

Company:Nosolored SL.

I was born in 1970 with a hereditary and degenerative disease: Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. I use a wheelchair since I was 11 years old and now, I also have affected arms and hands. In my childhood and adolescence, despite the large number of physical barriers, I always had the support of family and friends and, in general, I have not felt discrimination. I have been fortunate in this regard.

In 1993 I graduated in Chemistry from the University of Granada, with a specialization in Biochemistry. At the end of the Degree I enrolled in several training courses through the Federation of People with Disabilities. I did a training course on Accounting and another on Business Consulting. In this last training course they selected me for one month of internship in a company and, after that month, they hired me. The company was a training consultant. Since then and for several years, I was working in that first company and in other training consultants. Then, one day I decided to become independent and create my own company. NOSOLORED SL was born for that reason. I am co-founder together with Jose García, my husband.

The idea to create my own company started in 2003. At the beginning only my husband was working as freelance and I helped during my free time. In 2010 we decided to create the Limited Society where I am co-founder together with my husband.

The reasons that have led us to create this company has been working on what we like, and above all, gaining quality of life and independence. Working for others can sometimes be very stressful and exhausting.

Internet and technology world is obviously the future, so we have the opportunity to continue growing taking advantage of that situation and the multiple possibilities that exist. Internet security is becoming more complicated. Technology advances very fast and also the ability of hackers and malware to access sensitive information. Our main concern in recent times is to protect our customers in this regard.

I believe that my virtues or defects at work should be rather valued by my colleagues. What I can say is that I try to find solutions to problems. People always told me that I have a lot of patience. I like team work although sometimes I had not good experiences. And it is a pity, because people are fundamental to make the company work.

If there is an important concept for me it is patience; I try not to get too upset with the problems and to think calmly.

If there is one advice I would give to other women, it is that the first thing is to believe in their own abilities. From there, to look for the business that best suits their capabilities and then, to study the feasibility of it (possible competition, investment to be made, aid...). We try to take the good things that we see in other businesses and apply those good things to our Company.

Regarding inclusive entrepreneurship, there is little help for the self-employed with disabilities. It is more profitable for a company to hire a person with a disability than for us to be self-employed, since Social Security contributions only have a bonus for a certain period. There are still many barriers.

And apart from that, the procedures to create a company are too complex; this is in general for all entrepreneurs. Public administration should simplify the system.