Žanete Vasaraudze-Gailīte

Name Surname: Žanete Vasaraudze-Gailīte

Country: Latvia

City: Jūrmala

Nationally: Latvian

Background: Žanete is one of the few female wheelchair tennis player in Latvia. Previously worked as an economist both in state's and private institutions, now Žanete is strongly focusing on her development as tennis player.

Sector: Culture and Sport

Position: Professional wheelchair tennis player

I completed my master degree in Economics in University of Latvia. For a long time I’ve worked as a chief accountant, and I’ve also given lectures on accounting theory. I started playing tennis in 2015 and since then I’ve been playing it as professional tennis player.

I have always been interested in sports – before I started to play tennis, as a person with disability, I had also been doing various disciplines of athletics. However, I didn't continue to do that for the sake of my family and professional work life. My sons were playing tennis and I was interested whether you can do that while being in a wheelchair. I sought out for a tennis trainer and together we started all this. Now she is the trainer and captain of the Latvian Wheelchair Tennis Team.

On my path towards my achievements the main obstacles I had to face were financial ones. But my great willingness to do what I want to do helped me to overcome these difficulties. Also, my personal characteristics, personal relationships with people and creation of contacts have helped me a lot.

I am able to learn fast, gain new information and apply this information to practice, I am also good with sharing this information with other, if necessary. I'm familiar with different methods which can make my professional activity more productive, also I'm good with finding solutions to different problems. Both mine, and my colleague's professional development and growth is important to me. When facing a conflict or disagreement, I always try to find a compromise, I value the experience and advises of other people. If necessary, I do not hesitate to ask for help. I'm good at organizing and planning my work, I am able to make quick decisions in cases where it's necessary.

I'm good at setting my objectives and reaching my goals. I consider myself an active, communicable, progressively and optimistically thinking woman. In my professional approach, I can be flexible – I'm able to adapt myself fast to changes and new environments, I can be critical, analytical and systematic, but at the same time I'm open-minded and spontaneous.

Don’t be afraid of realizing your dreams, do not be afraid of changing your daily routine and seemingly stable future. Within ourselves we can find a lot of strength and motivation to improvement and progress. Do not underestimate yourself, because external motivators will never be as powerful as your willingness to do and achieve something.