Alda Zeldere

Name Surname: Alda Zeldere

Country: Latvia

City: Riga

Nationality: Latvian

Sector: 3rd Sector (Non governmental organisation)

Position: Participant in organisation Aspazija, former social worker/rehabilitator

I obtained my first education as an economist - planner in 1974, later in life I also obtained her second education as social worker, in 1994. Now I am retired and participate in organisation for women with disabilities - Aspazija. My main motivation for my work in Aspazija is the ability and desire to be among other people, ability to access the information, possibility of exchanging views.

I have a wide experience in working with people with disabilities, especially with those who face visual impairment. I worked as a social rehabilitator in a nursing home for visually impaired, and also been an employee in establishment for people with visual disabilities. Now I'm in retirement age, despite that I actively participate in everyday life in organization Aspazija. Among physical activities I am doing a biodance lessons, I also participate in support group activities which is a good place for psychological support and also serves as a platform for exchanging views, tips and advises from other women with disabilities. In order to be where I am today, I had to overcome obstacles such as people incomprehension and critique and physical disability - visual impairment. For me, social education, support of the family and church, are the main factors of success which helped me during my path to where I am.

Various social skills such as good communication skills, knowledge in social work and activities, ability and willingness to help and understand people. I consider myself a fast learner who is able to learn and put new information into practice, I also easily adapt to changes. Due to my previous experience, I also listen and pay attention to other people problems. For me, the personal development of people I work with, is very important. Within my professional field of activity, I like to build a partnership, work in a team and if problem occurs - look for a compromise which will satisfy everyone. When it comes to entrepreneurship in its wider sense, I like to set the goal and work hard in order to achieve it, if needed - I am able to quickly react and make up my mind. As every enterprising person - I do not hesitate to ask for an advice and am able to use the experience and advice of others!

Inspired by my mother and moved forward by my character, especially - curiosity, the most important advice I can give is to take a chance and not to be afraid! My advice is to start with a reasonable goal, then divide this goal into smaller parts and be persistent when going toward that goal! Also - if something doesn't go how it's planned, then be flexible! Also, I think that insufficient funding and help from the state can be a major obstacle for someone who wants to become successful.