Ana Isabel Martínez Cancio

Name Surname: Ana Isabel Martínez Cancio

Country: Spain

City: Villalba (Lugo)

Nationally: Spanish

Background: Baccalaureate or Vocational Training

Sector: Agriculture and livestock

Position: Owner


I was working in a company that was affected by Record of employment regulation. I had been working there for years and after I lost my job, being a mother of 45 years, with hearing disability, with dependents in my charge and residing in a rural area: my chances of employment were severely limited. At that moment the idea of creating my company arises: Organic production. I always liked organic farming because it is an activity of the future, it concerns the environment, it protects the health of people, crops that promote biodiversity, reduce environmental pollution, improve living conditions for animals and promote sustainable rural development.

The training I had as an administrative assistant helped me a lot when it came to starting the project, but the training received in the Organic Agriculture sector, together with the entrepreneurship advice provided by the Entrepreneurship Campus of the Council of Lugo, were basic aspects. Furthermore, once the company was established, it was necessary to work on the reform of the farm's facilities to adapt its functionality (greenhouse installation, irrigation system, closures, etc.).

In the time that I have been developing my activity I have been able to use some of the competences that are part of me and some others that have arisen as I progressed in my business. The fact of being an active, patient and organized person have helped a lot to the tasks that I carry out, since they are indispensable capacities when working in the field; but mainly I consider that I am a fighter or tenacious person, reason why I do not surrender easily.

I would say that the most important thing is mainly to have the proper training, which allows a correct development of the activity that is intended to be carried out. And it would also fill her with animosity and desire to work towards her goals, despite her limitations or difficulties.