Anna Bogdanova

Name Surname: Anna Bogdanova

Country: Latvia

City: Riga

Nationality: Latvian

Position: Sales person in salon 'Saulgrieze' whose main aim is to support creative people with special needs by selling various products made by people with disabilities - jewellery, clothing, and many more individual and special products made by hand. Anna is also a participant in 'Aspazija' - association for Latvian women with disabilities

I have two university degrees – one of them is in pedagogy, obtained from University of Latvia, and the 2nd one, obtained in Art Academy of Latvia, is in specialty of art history. Currently, I work as a sales-person in craft shop called “Saulgrieze” where I sell hand-made products and crafts made by people with special needs.

My daily routine consists of selling crafts, talking to people who visit the shop, I also evaluate the products, accept them. And I’m also responsible for the visual look of the shop. Partly, I’m responsible for promoting “Saulgrieze” in our Facebook page. My main job is to sell these hand-made products. From one point of view, it’s nothing complicated, but there is a constant contact with people - continuously, nonstop communication with people, clients.

Since I was born, I had a bad eyesight, which means that since birth I had to fight in some way for how to be. I have always been raised with the idea that I’m no different than others. In my family, there hasn’t been an emphasis on the fact that I’m a person with disability - I am the same as others, I can do the same things as others, perhaps even more.

Optimism and my ability to always think positive are my best qualities. I’m also communicable, it has helped me a lot. I’m not afraid of people, for instance, I know a lot of people who are somewhat shy in front of others.

First, you need to understand what it is you want to do, in which field, it is very important. It is better to try and perhaps don't succeed at first, than to regret later that you haven’t tried at all. Especially, if life presents you with an opportunity, you have to take it. Do not be afraid of failure, because there will always be people by your side who will help and support you, and to whom you can turn to ask for an advice. You have to have a positive attitude towards life, optimism and you need to feel the need to go forward!