Lilita Cine

Name Surname: Lilita Cine

Country: Latvia

City: Riga

Nationality: Latvian

Background: Continuing professional education in an enterprise, knowledge gaining and training through various courses and seminars, experience in decorative designing

Sector: Non-governmental or Third sector

Position: A member of Association for women with disabilites 'Aspazija', decorator

Association for women with disabilities 'Aspazija', url:

I’ve gained my professional skills by working in different enterprises. I have improved my skills and personal characteristics through lifelong learning and by attending different seminars and courses. I’ve spent a lot of my time gaining knowledge by self-studying.

By improving professionally, I’ve also gained a new information, I have the ability to be in society and to learn from others! It allows me not to “wander in my own world”. I also think that mental improvement is really important. In order to get where I am now, I had to face many obstacles, including economical ones. My main motivation for my professional activity was connected to my search for society and my willingness to collaborate – the possibility of new contacts, people who think alike, new tips and useful information. For me, it opened a way on how not to be alone! I think that my factor of success is my fast reaction during different tasks and tests – both when thinking in professional and personal context. Also, I think that my never-ending curiosity may had an impact on my success. I think that networking and contact gaining throughout your professional life is crucial, and may become the factor of success. In my situation, I gain success through various tips and advices, given by people who I meet in association “Aspazija”, courses, seminars, workshops.

I have various skills who have helped me during my professional life. I am able to learn and put new information into practice, I also easily adapt to changes and if needed - make important decisions fast. I’m good with spreading and transmitting new information. When it comes to professional environment, I highly appreciate the ability to improve myself both professionally and personally, it’s important for me to have objective and a way how to reach a goal. When there is some kind of a problem, I always find a solution and if necessary – I ask for help. I am more than open to different experiences and advices, I try to evaluate them so that I can use them later for the benefit of my own improvement. I consider myself to be an active, progressive and democratic thinking woman who more than traditional and conservative things prefer innovative and new things and experiences. I enjoy, and I also think I’m good at practical things, activities, I can be flexible according to situation. I am always ready to take up the risk, if it gives me an opportunity to gain new experience. I think the words creativity, spontaneity, and fast reaction describe me the best.

Most importantly – you must be persevering! You need to dare, be active, take part in various events and activities. You need to find yourself through these different opportunities provided by life!