Lonija Kazlauska

Name Surname: Lonija Kazlauska

Country: Latvia

City: Riga

Nationality: Latvian

Sector: Non Governmental or Third

Position: Developer of her business idea; assistant in 'Apeirons'- organization for people with disabilities and their friends. Lonija's blog: https://strokeofinsightblog.wordpress.com/ Webpage of her business idea is being developed.

With my business idea I participate at the University of Latvia Student Business Incubator. I also study classical philology at University of Latvia, Faculty of Humanities. My business idea is to produce instruments - tools, games, you could even say exercise machine - which improve fine motor skills. However, this season I did not continue to participate in Business incubator due to the fact that I joined student corporation and I'm also working on my bachelor thesis.

I've gained experience in entrepreneurship through my activities in Business incubator and also in my study course - Business Economics.

3D and 2D design, drawing, writing, translating from both modern and ancient languages.

Do and undertake more than you think you can because that is the only way how to surprise yourself and open up new opportunities. If you want to learn a new skill, start with the searching tutorials in www.youtube.com as you can find videos about almost everything there! Also, do not loose your sense of humor, as it will help you get through your difficulties. Innocent joke may be the best way how to start a conversation.