Isabelle Vella

Name Surname: Isabelle Vella

Country: Malta

City: Naxxar

Nationality: Maltese

I left school to find myself a job – helping parents at that time financially. Since I have had a journey of experiences which all together had structured me to what I am today. I have passed through a very bad car accident and following several operations which included treatments to fight for my life.

I’ve overcome from certain health and my son’s battle in school, which I’ve faced everything on my own. I never used to believe in my strength until I saw what it all took me and the risks. Although I’m still battling daily with the pain but I refuse pain-killers and alter to natural remedies.

The word ‘courage’ comes from the French word, Coeur meaning heart. To have strength in the heart. Courage is a firmness of spirit that we all call upon from time to time.

Opportunities: The opportunities are many. Having people from all sectors refer to you for helping vulnerable situations is a special gift for me to experience.

People – women with invisible disabilities face a daily dilemma. Say to yourself – since I am alive, I’m allowed to dream. Follow your dream and never bother if you fall, just dust of the dust and stand up again. You will be surprised.

Threats: It’s an inflict pain of certain negativity, honestly I’ve had only a few experiences.