Rhoda Garland

Name Surname: Rhoda Garland

Country: Malta

City: Rabat

Nationality: Maltese

Position: Accountant

I am a qualified accountant with experience in financial modeling, business analysis, change management, project management enterprise resource planning systems and IT. In addition to my CIMA (ACMA) accounting qualification, I have a first degree in Accounting & Finance & a Masters Degree in Disability Studies. I have worked in large blue chip companies in the UK and as an IT Consultant in Malta. I then changed my career path after my Masters Degree to work in the disability sector in Malta. Where I am currently the Executive Director at CRPD.

|Societal attitudes towards disabiity are still very bad, so a determination to succeed is essential. I have not put my impairment on my CV as I feel that I will not be viewed in the same light as the other candidates. I know that if I am given an interview I need to sell myself and reduce the interviewers fears about my impairment.

The reason I do the job that I currently have is because I feel that there is a great need for persons with disability to be more included in society and especially in the area of work. The ability for disabled people to work for themselves is a way that means they make their own decisions and have full control of their lives.

My parents were a huge part of my success. They ever let my disability stop me doing anything. They pushed me to succeed and let me do things on my own. They made me independent and then let me move into my own apartment when I was 18.

I am well organised and a good time keeper. I like to solve problems and I am a good listener.

I feel very strongly that it is vital for disabled people to argue for their rights, with their own voice rather than have people speak for them. If disabled people do not get involved in demanding their own rights, they cannot complain that nothing is done. if non-disabled people speak on our behalf, then this is not empowering and the solutions may not be what disabled people actually want. Starting your own business will enable you to avoid societal attitudes which may prevent you from working and will also empower you to be able to make your own decisions and have control over your life. If you can do this you are in charge of your own life and this will also give you the confidence to look for other areas in your life to achieve greater independence

Opportunities: We work with the Government to produce policies & legislation to improve the inclusivity of disabled people.

Threats: Societal attitudes which are still resistant to the employment of disabled people.