Raquel Dominguez Martin

Name Surname: Raquel Dominguez Martin

Country: Spain

City: Sevilla

Nationally: Spanish

Background: Vocational (nurse), continuos training (radio and dubbing) and self-learning

Sector: Culture and Sport

Position: ambassador and collaborator

Company: Fundación Adecco https://fundacionadecco.org/

I thought I had a path in my life; it was drawing in my mind following the decisions that I was taking. In this path there was always the shadow of an idiopathic illness. This illness accompanied me since I was 12 years old in the right arm and appeared virulently in the left arm when I was 19 years old. With the worsening of the disease and the 23 operations that I had to undergo, I began to understand clearly the important thing of the day to day... Everything we can do, or at least try to do, and we leave for tomorrow (or we wrap in 1001 excuses) because we do not believe in ourselves. And with that new way of looking at life I started with the adapted sport; first in swimming (butterfly and other styles ... swimming alone with the legs), then to athletics (100 and 200 meters), to the Olympic March, to the marathon, to the ultra-distance, Triathlon and half ironman... with achievements and medals but above all, being aware of the beauty of the way when you put all your passion and perseverance on it.

Betting at all times for what I had and not for what I lacked. I decided that I only had one thing that I could develop professionally: my voice and the ability to communicate. And I made the decision to train professionally for it, leaving behind the path all my experience as healthcare professional.

The economic problems were for a long time a great obstacle, without a doubt, due to disability and by all the stereotypes about people with some kind of disability. Because it seems that when you have some type of disability you do not believe in yourself, in your competences, because you have a disability certificate.

Definitely I am a lucky person. Fortunately I have many people who love me and whom I love and adore. They gave me affection when I needed it and also economic support. They were on my side when I was worse. For my part, I put the will to live, feel and make feel.

I have experience in coaching, without being a coach, because of the type of presentations that I provide.

On the competences that characterize me, I can emphasize that I am able to adapt easily to changes; I coordinate and motivate my staff and I try to create a good atmosphere wherever I am. For me, it is important the personal development of the people who work with me. I like to have goals and reach my goals and when it is necessary, I am able to make decisions quickly. I do not doubt if I have to ask for advice but I do not give advice, I just give support and say ... 'You can, you're not alone!'

If I have to talk about my qualities ... I am!

Modest: it is necessary to learn; Ambitious: ambition does not put in motion, I'm just easily deluded; Passive: impossible; Active: strong heartbeat; Traditionalist: careful; Progressive: absolutely; Talking: I listen better but I am communicative person; Shy: although it seems impossible I am shy; Dogmatic: fair; Criticism: constructive; Independent: I can be ... but nobody does anything alone, we are only small links of a great chain; Cooperative: essential; Inconstant / unpredictable; Optimist: my smile gives me away; Pessimist: never; Innovative: I try; Practice: almost always; Theoretical: fair; Flexible: whenever it is necessary; Rigid: hardly; Relaxed: also hardly; Quick: it depends on what; Slow: careful rather; Narrow-minded: I hope No; Open-minded: eyes and heart always open; Sure: sure that I'll try at least; Risky: only if I can win; Prudent: I stop to think if it affects others; Synthetic: sometimes yes; Analytical: depends; Patient: the essence of any behavior; Impatient: with desire, rather; Creative: yes; Methodical: not very much because I listen to my heart; With a vision of the future: thinking that the best day is... today!; Spontaneous: yes; Organized: in my chaos; Democratic: always; Authoritarian: I hope I never made anyone feel that

As I said before, I do not give advice and I believe that, it does not matter if you have a disability, whether you are a man, a woman, an African, a Muslim, a lesbian, etc. The important thing is to be yourself, to believe in yourself, in your abilities and to take a leap... there is never a net, nor red carpets... but you will have yourself and all the positive things you generate with that aptitude and attitude in each sunrise, no matter if you have a grey day or it is raining outside... The Light will come out with your constancy and illusion!

When talking about inclusive entrepreneurship ... I think there will be inclusion when we remove from the phrase the words that already seem to make the distinction... in this case, inclusive! Entrepreneurship, talent has no labels; you have it, you are an entrepreneurship person or you are not!