Gemma de la Montaña

Name Surname: Gemma de la Montaña Garrido Fernández

Country: Spain

City: Fene (A Coruña)

Nationality: Spanish

Background: Baccalaureate or VET

Sector: Services; Science, Health, Investigation and Technology; Education and Culture & Sport

Position: Promoter and Director

There are already 22 years of work experience in different activities, mainly linked to 2 passions: decoration and navigation. Decoration has been a way of life for many years, I have undertaken different ideas related to it, some successful and others unsuccessful. Now my first passion is also my house and the place of my dreams, the one that makes me look towards the only horizon that exists: the one that is seen from the prow of a sailboat. I am currently working on a new idea of nautical entrepreneurship so that anyone can overcome their barriers through new experiences. The sea has no limits, only a horizon, which is that of everyone.

After having suffered numerous problems related to health, I have been aware that it is undertaken from the capacity. From my point of view it is a mistake to pose entrepreneurship from disability, since we are all capable of doing it from our values and passions.

Despite not having experience in mentoring or coaching as such, I think there is not much difference given my trajectory always focused on people, needs and desires, accompanying and mentoring people at sea to find meaning and overcome different barriers.

The characteristic that best defines me is resilience. This, along with my optimism, my active nature and my liking for cooperativism, gives birth to this project that aims to combine my main passion with my collaborative spirit.

That with any wind, fin, side or stern, you can achieve your goals.

It is important to overcome fears and never lose sight of the dreams that can be achieved.